David is an independent multimedia producer, director, editor, and educator based in New York City. His work covers a wide range of subjects, but themes of social justice and human relations are common among his films. He has served as a media consultant for organizations as varied as the Center for Constitutional Rights, Friends House New York City, CitiLeaf Housing, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Hunter College Dance Program, and the Hunter College Theatre Department. He has also led instructional workshops on media-related topics such as editing with Final Cut Pro.

Recently completed works include: 2013's PUZZLES: When Hate Came to Town (director with Tami Gold), a feature length documentary about a Neo-Nazi hate crime offender and his victims in one small American city. PUZZLES explores the correlation between American economic desperation and homophobia, intolerance, and, ultimately, violence; 2011's Passionate Politics: The Life and Work of Charlotte Bunch (co-producer), a feature length documentary about pioneering strategist and organizer Charlotte Bunch, one of the foremost advocates of international attention to women's issues and the inclusion of gender and sexual orientation on the global human rights agenda; 2010's Don’t Bring Scott (director/producer/editor), a lyrical documentary about the underlying desire for family and community told through the voice of the filmmaker; and Rosa’s Story (director/editor), an educational video developed in collaboration with the Asthma Training Institute of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in 2010 as a training resource to support self-management education in asthma and other chronic diseases.

David's current works in progress Stand Up Stand Out (director/producer), tells the story of a unique brand of activism belonging only to San Francisco--where three gay teachers’ fight for equal rights during the burgeoning Gay Liberation Movement of the 1970s, led to the blossoming of the Valencia Rose Cabaret, Café, and Restaurant, believed to be the first and only gay-owned and operated comedy club in the USA. “The Rose” was a place where gay and lesbian refugees could perform, not only confronting the homophobic institutions and people that oppressed them, but discovering their voice and identity as a community, before an audience hungry for their humor.

David received his MFA Degree in Integrated Media Arts (2015) and his BA in Media Arts (2003) from Hunter College. He studied with Martin Scorsese and Abbas Kiarostami in the Tribeca Filmmaker Exchange Program in Marrakech where he completed the documentary short film Crossroads, which screened at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.

David's other directoral work includes 2008's Hunter Dance Company in Tobago, a documentary account of a groundbreaking international cultural exchange program, and 2007's Bridging Cultures, a promotional documentary following eight CUNY students on a journey into the heart of Tamil Nadu, India. His first film, A Portrait of Hands, a celebration of the human hand, was selected as visual accompanyment for the Hunter College Symphony Orchestra's 2005 concert, Russian Inspiration. In addition to his promotional and commercial film work, David is also in demand as a concept-to-completion producer, director, and editor of live stage performance DVDs, actors' and comedians' demo reels, and video tributes/memorials.

At Hunter College, David is the Special Projects Coordinator for the Integrated Media Arts Program, and the Internship Coordinater for the Film & Media Studies Program. Additionally, he serves as the Project Manager for the Netherlands Meets New York Student Exchange Program, where students from the top-ranked Hogeschool, Utrecht University hone their skills in media arts during an 11-day program at Hunter College sponsored by the Department of Film and Media Studies.

David is the Series Producer, along with Tami Gold, of the REEL DIALOGUE series at Hunter College. The series celebrates documentary fimmaking at its best and delivers an unmatched evening of free access to new films as well as a chance to hear from the filmmakers that created them.

Prior to his current, digital-era multimedia work, David had a successful career as a Broadway, television, and film actor, singer, and dancer. This work has enabled him to infuse all of his work with a keen understanding of the importance of human connection, storytelling, and attention to detail -- qualities that make both his commercial and promotional work true standouts.

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