Production Services

DP Media provides a range of production services for companies, nonprofits, and individuals.
These services include: concept-to-completion production for commercials, industrials, and live
performances, as well as production crews, and budgeting for domestic and international projects.

DP Media is a full-service production company that is dedicated to producing unique and unconventional
documentaries, along with educational, travel, live performance, and tribute/memorial videos.

The goal of DP Media is to conceptualize, create, and foster great stories in partnership with its clients. 
DP Media focuses on storytelling that highlights various social and cultural issues.  It specializes in
collaborating with innovative minds to develop engaging material that provides new and important
platforms in independent entertainment -- work that succeeds because it reaches beyond the boundaries
of tradition.

DP Media produces affordable, high-quality films and videos, opting for extensive planning in pre-production
and attention to detail, as well as the use of the latest technologies available to provide its clients with an
end result that is on budget and on time.






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