Upcoming Screenings

STAND UP, STAND OUT 04/27/2019, CCA Theatre, Santa Fe, NM.


Current Work in Progress

STAND UP STAND OUT, (currently in production), is a 40-minute documentary interweaving history with humor.  It chronicles the Gay Liberation movement of the 1970s and 80s through interviews with Tom Ammiano, Karen Ripley, Paul Boneberg and Dirk Alphin. Stand Up, Stand Out tells the story of a group of gay and lesbian refugees that was extraordinarily oppressed by a larger mainstream culture that deliberately tried to hurt them. Stand Up, Stand Out shows how comedy provided not only relief for that community, but became a bonding experience that served as a way to respond to those who would hurt, bully, and mock them.

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Recent Screenings

STAND UP, STAND OUT, 09/13/2018, SF OASIS, San Farncisco, CA.

DON'T BRING SCOTT, 02/20/2016, ICE Film Festival, Dayton OH.

STAND UP, STAND OUT, 09/18/2015, (Rough-cut Screening) Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY.

DON'T BRING SCOTT, 09/15/2015, Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Festival on Friday @11am.

STAND UP, STAND OUT, 06/11/2015, (Rough-cut Screening) Campus Docs Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

PASSIONATE POLITICS, 06/04/2014, The 2nd Annual ABQ Film & Media Experience, KiMo Theatre - 5:00PM, Allbequerque, New Mexico.

PASSIONATE POLITICS, 10/30 - 11/03, 2013, CINEFFABLE, Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival.

PUZZLES: When Hate Came to Town, 08/11/13; Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) Conference; The Westin New York at Time Square, NYC. SSSP members are an interdisciplinary community of scholars, practitioners, advocates, and students interested in the application of critical, scientific, and humanistic perspectives to the study of vital social problems.

PUZZLES: When Hate Came to Town, 04/26/13 at 4:30PM; Global Kids; 137 East 25th Street, NYC.

PUZZLES: When Hate Came to Town, 04/16/13 at 6:30PM; The LGBT Film Series at Roosevelt Public Policy House; 47-49 East 65th Street, NYC

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